What is RSS

RSS is a technique used to share the latest changes on a website and stay up to date. As a user you may subscribe to RSS, so you automatically receive the latest changes and additions to that website. This continuous flow of new content is called an RSS feed.
In order to read your feeds you need a RSS feed reader, both free and paid versions are available).

Using RSS feeds in Embase

Embase users may receive the latest results for their query via emails alerts and RSS feeds. Email alerts are sent to you by email and with RSS, you receive the latest records matching your query in your RSS reader. Embase will update your RSS reader with the top 20 records matching your query after each Embase upload (2 or 3 times per day). The top 20 results sent after each Embase upload are sorted by relevancy of records uploaded that day. Therefore, records from an earlier upload may be in the top 20 (if they are most relevant) but your RSS reader will recognize these records and not send them again.  

Setting up RSS feeds in Embase

An RSS feed can be set up from a specific query in your session results box. Setting up an RSS feed from your session results box is done by clicking the orange icon on the far right of the search query. Once you click on the icon, a window opens, in which you can name your RSS feed and then click Continue. You may now choose to either open with your desktop (if using a desktop reader), ‘open feed with your default RSS reader’ (‘Show feed and subscribe link’, if you are using IE6), or in your web browser (if using a web based reader), ‘Add feed to Google Reader (web-based)’. In the case of IE6, you will be shown the subscribe link when you click on ‘Show feed and subscribe link’ and from here you may copy and paste the link in your RSS reader.  You may set an unlimited number of RSS feeds.
Currently Embase supports the following RSS readers:
-          Web: Firefox (using LiveLinks)  and GoogleReader
-          Windows: FeedDemon, FeedReader
-          Mac: NetNewsWire

Managing RSS feeds in Embase

RSS feeds may not be managed from Embase, they need to be managed within your RSS Feed reader. Please refer to your RSS reader manual or Help for further information.

Sharing Embase RSS feeds

You may share the subscribe link for specific RSS feeds, by sending the link to all interested parties and the recipient may add the link in his/her RSS reader.