Field Limits

Embase field limits, which may be clicked on and added to your search in Advanced Search are as follows:

  • Abbreviated journal title :ta
  • Abstract :ab
  • Accession number :an
  • Article title :ti (please see note below)
  • Author address :ad
  • Author E-mail :em
  • Author name :au
  • CAS registry number :rn
  • Citation :ct
  • Clinical Trial Number :cn
  • CODEN :cd
  • Country of author :ca
  • Country of journal :cy
  • Device manufacturer :df
  • Device trade name :dn
  • Drug manufacturer :mn
  • Drug trade name :tn
  • Embase classification :cl
  • Index term :de
  • ISSN :is
  • Issue :ip
  • Language of article :la
  • Language of summary :ls
  • Molecular sequence number :ms
  • Original non-English title :tt (please see note below)
  • Page range :pg
  • Publication date :pd
  • Publication type :it
  • Publication year :py
  • Source title :jt
  • Source type :pt
  • Start page :sp
  • Subheading :lnk
  • Volume :vi

Click on Field Limits under the Advanced Search Box and click on one or more limits, which will be automatically added to your search.


For more tips on how to combine field limits, see Search Hints.

The field, original non-english title (:tt) is included in the field, article title (:ti). Therefore you do not need to add both of these fields to your search, when looking for your term/s in all article title fields. Embase has been set to remove the field :tt from your search when the field :ti is used. This will not effect the outcome of your search.